Fireworks event

Firework event 2013It was not a promising start. The day of the Association’s firework party dawned anything but bright and clear – it was pouring with rain, and looked set to stay that way. But the fireworks, food and wine were bought, so there really was no alternative but to go ahead. There is a large covered area under the School for spectators, but this is small consolation if you happen to be one of the team of pyrotechnics! A start on setting up the display was made, but, as the rain continued to fall steadily, it was decided to reconvene later that day in the hope that the weather would improve.

We need not have feared. Eventually the rain eased off and, although somewhat later than planned, Association members were able to enjoy the mulled wine and traditional bonfire night fare: sausages, chicken in barbecue sauce, chilli con carne, homemade pizzas, spare-ribs, and mini-hamburgers as well as baked potatoes and salad. Vegetarians were not forgotten with an even more varied range of really delicious dishes this year. Then the pyrotechnic team took over and worked their magic. Despite the appalling weather conditions earlier in the day, their efforts resulted in a magnificent display of fireworks that was really appreciated by the 200 or so members who attended.

This annual event could not happen without the team responsible for both the lighting and fireworks display. However, there are many other people who make the event the success it has become, including the army of cooks willing to help provide that important hot food and warm mulled wine. Most importantly, we owe a huge vote of thanks to Julia Clark, Head Teacher of Horniman Primary School, for once again allowing us to hold the event in the school grounds.

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