Crime cascade

Crime Cascade

Tewkesbury Lodge Estate is a safe and quiet area of South East London. We do our best to ensure it stays that way through regular contact with local police. If you experience any crime, please contact the police right away on the following numbers:

Police – Non–emergency calls                                                                                            101

Forest Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team                                                          020 8721 2723
Sydenham Police Station (Mon-Fri, 10:00 till 18.00)                                  020 8284 5225
Lewisham Crime Prevention Officers                                                            020 8284 5005
But in an emergency, always call                                                                                       999

After contacting the Police please contact us on the email below: or 020 8699 6096

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  1. Warning. A bogus roofer has called at several addresses in past 10 days telling them their roofs need fixing. He is smartly dressed and in a smart van. Not sure if he is targetting pensioners. Also a man called at a house yesterday claiming he was looking for his builder friend whom he said was working there., but no building work at this address. Householder suspicious because whilst speaking he kept his face turned away from her. He was small, slightly built, late 30’s and with a possible Eastern European accent. Would be good to knowif anyone else has had these callers

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