Success stories

In September last year, residents in Langton Rise, with the help of the Association, successfully campaigned to have a set recycling bins – that were encouraging a lot of flytipping – (see photo) moved from Langton Rise to a more suitable location on Wood Vale. The removal of the recycling bins led to a near complete overnight eradication of the fly-tipping problem. All was well until mid-June when a brand new clothing bank was proudly placed on the site where the old one used to be (see second photo).

The same local residents, who were concerned that this would lead to fly-tipping on the site again, emailed the Association immediately to enquire about it. And, with a swift email to the right Council contact, the Association was informed that the installation of the new clothing bank was a mistake and, as a direct result of our enquiry the Council will be re-siting it as soon as possible – thus avoiding another fly-tipping problem. This is just one good example of how the Association aims to serve its residents!

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