Summer Picnic 2013

IMG_6384 - Version 2Every year the Summer Picnic in the Triangle is different, but having enjoyed the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee theme last year, we thought the Queen’s Coronation might lend itself equally well as a theme for the children’s games this year. Having gathered together shiny toffee wrappers (the toffees were gallantly consumed solely for this occasion), kitchen foil, and other shiny gold and silver things a couple of evenings in advance, we made a sceptre, six crowns, and six diamond ‘eggs’ to balance on spoons, as well as putting together six sets of smart gear for visiting the Palace. On the day, the children were more than happy to jump over ropes wearing crowns and to act as ladies or pages in waiting, bringing much needed water to a very authentic looking freshly crowned Queen sitting on her throne holding her sceptre. There was also a ‘Pin the crown, or handbag, (or moustache!) on the Queen’ game, with the option of pinning crowns on the corgis for the smaller children. Finally, having already run the ‘Dress for the Palace’ race, the children were ready, sparkling and smart, for a royal procession which was led through the Triangle and cheered on by the adults.

Of course, our Summer Picnics are not usually this regal, and I think that next year’s theme is likely to turn to football, with the World Cup being played out in July 2014 in Brazil. Any suggestions of football related activities for the children, and possibly even the adults, would be gratefully received!
Suzanne Jessel

The Summer Picnic is organised every year by the Association. It is an ideal opportunity for members to meet up with friends and neighbours, and get to know new residents. The fenced Triangle at the junction of Horniman Drive and Liphook Crescent (usually a restricted public space) is an ideal place for the children to play while the adults enjoy a glass or two of Pimms and a leisurely lunch, choosing from the mouth-watering array of savoury and sweet dishes people have brought along to share. This year, with temperatures soaring, the Triangle proved to be the perfect place to be, the leafy canopy from the mature trees providing a veritable oasis of cool!¬

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