New Autumn Harvest event Saturday 8th October (1-4pm)

UPDATE – a great time was had by all – look out for it next year! See our apple pressing by clicking on the links below

Apple Pressing 1

Apple Pressing 2

Apple Pressing 3

TLERA is introducing this new event on Saturday 8 October to celebrate the season of ‘mist and mellow fruitfulness’. Children can have fun planting bulbs to take away and grow at home, creating leaf and seed pictures, making lavender bags, and playing some pumpkin-themed games. Meanwhile, adults can try their hand at fruit pressing (bring your own apples or pears if you have any), and can share ideas and recipes for cooking or preserving fruit and vegetables.

To show what can be done with seasonal crops, hot homemade soups such as butternut squash and sweet potato, leek and potato etc. will be available, as well as crusty bread, cheese and apples. Pumpkin pie and apple and almond cake will also be on the menu.

The event will take place between 1 and 4 pm at Hilltop, 28 Horniman Drive. The conservatory and covered veranda will provide protection if it rains, so the event is weatherproof! We hope that you will enjoy this new event and will give us your ideas on how it might be developed in future years.

PS: If you need a helping hand to pick your fruit or collect windfalls, one or more garden group members can help out. Contact Frankie Locke on 020 8699 2548.


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