Lewisham Council branches out with new garden waste service

A new garden waste collection service for Lewisham residents will begin in June. Residents will have their garden waste collected in a brown wheelie bin from their properties every week throughout the year. The service will cost £45 from June 2016 to March 2017, which works out at just over £1 a week, after which a 12-month subscription will cost £60.

Demand for the new chargeable garden waste service has exceeded expectations, with over 4,000 signed up so far. The brown bins are currently being delivered ready for the service starting in June. There’s still time to take advantage of the special price! If you subscribe now, you can get this brand new service for just £45.

There are five great reasons to join:

  • You can put grass, leaves, weeds, twigs, small branches and more in your bin. A full list of what you can put in the garden waste bin is on our website.
  • Joining now will ensure you get your bin before the service starts in June.
  • You can place garden waste directly in the wheelie bin — there’s no need to use bags or sacks.
  • Your large wheelie bin will be easy to move around your garden and to the kerbside on collection days.
  • Pay once and enjoy weekly collections throughout the year.

To start getting collections in June, join now at www.lewisham.gov.uk/orderabin or call 020 8314 9756.

Lewisham Waste Service

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    1. Hello

      Who did you order the bin from? If you ordered from Lewisham Council, perhaps you should contact them directly.

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