Sun comes out for Easter Egg Hunt on the Hill!

After a week of overcast skies and high winds, we couldn’t believe our luck with the weather on Easter Sunday afternoon for the Easter Egg Hunt. TLERA had decided that it would be good to hold a family event early in the year to complement the summer picnic and the autumn fireworks and it was decided to hold this Easter event in aid of Demelza Hospice Care for Children. Demelza supports families with very sick children throughout south east London and Kent. Originally, the plan was to use the Triangle, but we decided that the garden of ‘Hilltop’, Horniman Drive, would be a much better venue.

All the TLERA wonderful cake-baking regulars sprang into action, and the Committee donated the chocolate eggs. Although many people were away for the long weekend there were still plenty who came along with their Easter visitors. The children loved hunting for eggs, feeding the chickens, riding the rocking horse, and following the ‘Hilltop’ Story Trail. The atmosphere was great and it was particularly nice to meet new families on the Hill. Demelza has written thanking us for the cheque for £360.72 raised from the small entrance fee, selling refreshments, and the generous donations we received.

Many people who came said they were in favour of supporting future events held for Demelza. On this note, I would like to hold other such events in the garden, so if anyone has any ideas for fundraising events please come and talk about them! The Story Trail is always there (and developing all the time) so all we need is the weather and the cakes!

All in all, the afternoon made me – as always – extremely grateful that I live on this lovely hill, with TLERA and all the people who put so much time and energy into events like this one.

Easter Egg Hunt

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