20mph – The good, the bad and the ugly!

THE GOOD: After much pressure from campaigners, Lewisham Council has finally agreed to introduce 20mph zones throughout the borough. Hoorah! This is fantastic news and will hopefully go some way in helping to make our streets safer. Surrounding Southwark streets are all now 20mph so it only makes sense to unify the area.


THE BAD: This is, however, just one step in a long list of safety measures we are urging the Council to implement in order to make the local streets safer. Despite engineers visiting the site last summer, being shocked at the potential traffic dangers and making promises for immediate action, still nothing has been done.

THE UGLY: Rat-running and reckless driving on Canonbie Road and Westwood Park are reaching alarming proportions: on Monday 9th February, 240 vehicles were recorded between 7.30am and 8.30am. This is a highly dangerous volume of traffic for what should be quiet residential streets. Smart Sat Navs (designed to find shortcuts) are the biggest part of the problem, leading vehicles along Canonbie Road away from the South Circular and nearby junctions. Roads on the Estate are now considerably more dangerous than they have ever been due to this increased volume of traffic. Many heavy commercial vehicles ‘shudder’ up and down the roads every day, causing vibrations that have been shown to damage foundations and structures of adjacent properties.

We need to act now before the situation gets out of hand and what is now a temporary solution becomes a permanent one. We are continuing with our campaign to urge the Council to do something about this before there is a tragic accident.

Please help us to stop this madness!

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